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Keynotes and Conversations

Dr. Yengde is a seasoned speaker with delivered keynotes, lectures and panel discussions across all continents.

The Moral Cost of Caste

The feature of Indian society is the operational existence of antiquated caste values. Though outlawed in the second half of the last century, caste continues to exist because it has carried historical amnesia for those who have attached existentialism to the past — Sanatan— unchanging pure belief.
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Ashoka-Ambedkar Dhamma Yatra Grand Inauguration Ceremony Mavelikara

This talk was given on 30th September, 2023 at Mavelikara, Kerala during the Inauguration Ceremony Mavelikara (DhammaBhoomi) Organised by the Buddhist Fraternity Council, from Mavelikara, Kerala to Nagpur, Deekhsha Bhoomi from 30th September to 22nd October, 2023.
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Caste in USA & How to build Equitable Grassroots Movement

Building Grassroots movements. Speech by Dr. Suraj Yengde in a panel discussion about SB 403 conducted by AKSC in Cupertino California on Oct 22

Speech on Activism of Letters: Dalit Response to Black Literature at JNU


Why Caste Matters?


Envisaging Inclusive State Socialism – part 1

Dr. Yengde gives talk in Anna Centenary Library in Chennai.

Envisaging Inclusive State Socialism – part 2


On Global Caste and Blackness with Barrymore Bogues


Practice of Caste in USA – CA vs Cisco – Caste lawsuit: American Brahminic Fiasco by Dr.Suraj Yengde

Talks about difference between US and Indian caste system and gives a context around the