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Dr. Yengde has published peer-reviewed articles in interdisciplinary journals.

He is a syndicated columnist with many publications across the world.

Dr. Yengde has published over 150 essays, articles, and book reviews in multiple languages in academic and non-academic journals in the field of caste, race, labor, and migration in the global south and, ethnicity studies.

His writings and essays have appeared in many renowned publications like Ethnic & Racial Studies, Economic & Political Weekly, Al Jazeera, BBC, and The Caravan among others.

Dr. Yengde writes fortnightly columns for The Indian Express and is a syndicated columnist at The Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The Huffington Post, The Print, The Citizen, Globe & Post, The Mexican Times and The Conversation.

Rahul Gandhi’s mind has been shaped in recent years in the company of these few Dalit minds.

Teltumbde helped us to foreground the meaning of atrocity. Among his notable scholarly contributions to social sciences are his monographs covering the state and the political economy.

The artworld, in its comfortable form, has restricted itself to performing as a courtesan to a select economically or socially privileged few, says Suraj Yengde in the first in a series of essays.

This thesis aimed to critically examine the daily lives of migrants in the flea market of Fordsburg, a vibrant business district in Johannesburg.

AMBEDKAR’S LEGACY IS complex and multifaceted. His is a name that continues to evoke dialogue and discontentment in sociopolitical movements formed in post-independent India.

A band of proud people, Jats, with their traditional outlook on worldly affairs, are now grappling with the politics of the nation that has transitioned into a democracy.



In this chapter, we will look at various aspects of merit-making by arguing that its original idea of individual achievement in a collective environment is being discounted to advance certain misapprehended notions of merit disguised as talent.

There was a man who, when he filed his reports for The Indian Express this past century, ran his pen like a sharpened sword. Those who know or are acquainted with the man are well aware that he is unvarnished. His words are not to be taken lightly and more for the brilliance and polished elegance they proffer.

भारताचे आणि जगाचे भविष्य कसे असेल? ह्याचा मागोवा घेतलाय डॉ, सूरज एंगडे ह्यांनी.