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Surjit and Manjit Bains

Manjit Bains is Chairperson of the Women’s Empowerment Committee of the Chetna Association of Canada. She completed her education in India, studying science, education and pharmacy, and completed a Master’s of Science in Botany. Prior to migrating to Canada in 2002, she taught biology as a lecturer in a college in the Indian Punjab. After coming to Canada, she returned to her studies and did her Bachelor’s in Nursing in Canada, and now works as a Registered Nurse. She is passionate about following the teachings of Dr B.R. Ambedkar, and enjoys reading, traveling, dancing, and listening to music.

Short promotional video, 1: What do you think about caste-based discrimination today?

Surjit Bains is the Treasurer of the Chetna Association of Canada. He completed his education in India, where he received a Master’s degree in Horticulture. He worked as an agricultural officer in Punjab, India, before migrating to Canada in 2002. He works for the Parks Board of Vancouver. He is passionate about the teachings of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, and enjoys traveling and socializing.

Short promotional video, 2: What is a Dalit woman’s experience like?

Full interview, Part 1:

Full interview, Part 2: