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Param Kainth

Paramjit Kainth was born in India, and has lived in Vancouver, BC since 1992. He belongs to what he calls a “so-called low caste,” which he describes as “man-made in India.” This is, he says, an “ugly scar on the human face in India.” Were he to belong to a so-called “high caste,” he says, he would be treated well, and otherwise is “treated like an animal.”

Short promotional video, 1: How prevalent is casteism in our society?

He tells us that “so-called high caste people bring that garbage to Canada too.” He believes that Canada is a beautiful country but that those people who discriminating based on caste should be punished. For this reason, he argues, a law should be made against caste discrimination, alongside other forms of discrimination.

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Full interview, Part 1:

Full interview, Part 2: