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Kamaljit’s passions are reading, writing, and activism. He first came to Vancouver in 2017 as an international student, and completed his associate’s degree in General Arts. He has been as involved as he could be, between classes and work, in standing up for those who face diverse injustices. This has included working as a student advocate representing over 2000 students, organizing workshops, participating in a social innovation hub, participating in research, or presenting academic papers on issues related to social justice.

Short promotional video, 1: How is the discussion around caste unfolding in North America and what significance does it hold for the Dalit community?

He is focused on and passionate about doing community work and speaking up to help others. He tells us that “this early stage of activism has been a transformative journey.” In 2019, he began documenting his experiences and learning, and since then has continued to write poems and stories to explore the new paths he is pursuing.

Short promotional video, 2: How has Dalit activism shaped your upbringing?

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