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Dr. Suraj Yengde works on various Social Initiatives


Dialogics, Lecture Series

Online, 2020-2022

Dialogics – online lecture series


USA, February 2019

Dalit Cinema is a newer technique to underscore the importance of art and creativity in upholding the human loving virtues simultaneously standing guard to fighting the ills of society.


Dalit-Black Lives Matter

USA, July 2017

Dalit-Black Power

India, July 2017

The Dalit Black Power movement was inaugurated in India, and its intention is for Dalit youth to be sensitive to the Black struggle in America and across the world. It’s not only confined to America, but it looks at the anti-Black racism in Europe and in the broader Americas.

Dalit-Roma Initiative

USA, 2017

Due to unjustifiable discrimination against Roma and Dalit communities in Europe this initiative has been founded in 2017. The aim is to bring general public awareness to injustice two groups are suffering but also to evoke global conversation about solidarity and similarities between them.

Seminar Series Solidarity

USA, April 2019

The seminar series Solidarity aims to create a space for solidarity and partnership among activists, scholars, community leaders involved in similar struggles across the world.