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Meera Estrada

Meera Estrada has worked for nearly two decades in broadcast, print, digital and social media. She appears regularly on numerous national TV shows as a Beauty & Culture Expert. She created, executive-produced and was anchor host of kultur’D on Global News Radio as well as Real Talk with Meera E. on FLOW 987.  An award-winning writer and editor, Meera has bylines in Global News, CBC Life, ELLE Canada, InStyle, Refinery29, Chatelaine and FASHION, to name a few.

Short promotional video, 1:How did you feel when you first learnt about your caste?

She contributed weekly cultural commentary for Global News for two years, and is deeply passionate about womens’ rights and social issues, particulary in marginalized communities.

A wife and mother to two young children, she openly shares on motherhood, health & wellness culture content. Meera’s vulnerable and honest attitude adds to her relatable personality. A multimedia storyteller, Meera is a force of media savvy.

Short promotional video, 2: When did you decide to talk openly about your caste?

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